Recognize proper tools, strategic placement, and project direction.

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” – Abraham Maslow

No company has ALL the tools and specialized projects require specialized talent. It makes sense to keep a pipeline of talented partners and trusted service vendors. A core competency is never outsourced, but the world is full of talented individuals and companies whose core competency compliments your projects and objectives. Invest in them strategically instead of hitting everything with your hammer.


“Focus, Identify, Acquire and Develop” VALOR’s unique project leadership approach provides a systematic and comprehensive plan that delivers sustainable success but more importantly, tangible results for our customers.

We FOCUS to eliminate distractions and reveal the core challenges and opportunities. Next, we IDENTIFY the proper strategy, service placement, and project direction that leads to the optimum end result that our clients envision. Then we ACQUIRE the right talent with relevant knowledge and competent skills to complete the project. Finally we DEVELOP the processes and procedures and coach the personnel to reduce inefficiencies, manage processes, and inspire sustainable outcomes. 

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What people are saying

VALOR and their team bring a much needed value and benefit to federal organizations such as ours. Offering a consistent professionally managed group of personnel who understand the intricacies and compliance issues of today’s government contracting, while also providing on the job skill-sets that exceed performance expectations, the people at VALOR Project Management & Consulting get the job done ahead of schedule, below cost, and with a quality that is of the highest grade.

Army Corps of Engineers Staff

Contracting and Compliance

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